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  • "Charles was to blame for his own overthrow."
    • Religion
      • Heresy and sacrilege became a capital offence
      • Untitled
      • Teachers at universities replaced by clergy
      • Charles' coronation
        • Restoration of the Catholic Church?
          • Pays Legal losing new found position of wealth?
      • Power over education given to church.
      • The King's touch to cure scrofula
      • Religious orders eg. Jesuits returned
        • Controlling the King and his ministers?
    • Emigres
      • Law to compensate Emigres 1825
        • People objected to Charles' principles.
          • Emigres want land still
        • Aristocracy who fled in revolution
      • Wanted their land back
        • Instead got compensation
          • Angered Pays Legal as it reduced value of bonds owned by them and going back to Ancien Regime.
    • Economy.
      • Unemployment
      • 1827 bad harvest.
      • Gradual industrialisation.
        • Little help from government.
      • 30 % wage fall, 40% in textiles.
        • Hit immigrants in Paris hardest who then turned against Charles.
      • High food prices until 1832.
    • Chamber of Deputies Ministers.
      • Ultra dominated at start then Nov 1827 elections led to a liberal dominated chamber.
      • Villele left, Charles began to appoint a ministry of close friends that were religious and White Terror supporters.
      • March 1830 - "vote of no confidence"
      • Louis XVIII more moderate, Charles X went against Charter.
    • Foreign Policy
      • Largely a success but was overshadowed by other bad situations.
        • 1827 - fought alongside British to defend Turks
        • 1828 - cleared Turk and Egyptian forces
        • 1830 - Conquest of Algiers and destroyed Pirates.
      • Didn't succeed in overthrowing Vienna settlement
      • Strong foreign power.
    • Charles X
      • Stressed his divine right to rule
      • Persued a personal view
      • Seemed dull after Napoleon
      • Wasn't suited to be King
      • People have seen an alternative
      • Didn't listen


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