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  • Charles I
    • Charles ruled for ll years without calling parliament. From 1629-1640.
    • He was a Stuart- Second since Tudors
    • Civil war Round heads against cavaliers.
    • Protestants Disliked his religious policy.
      • At the time England was a protestant county but he married a French Catholic. He also started to bring many Catholic traits into churches making the public believe he was Catholic.
    • War with Scotland forced Charles to recall Parliament. Instead of granting Charles money, Parliament sent him the Grand Remonstrance (1641). This was a list of 204 complaints about the way he was running the country.
      • After Charles had tried to arrest the 5 leaders of parliament a civil war broke out.
    • Charles Was sent to Jail. He was offered a peace agreement but refused it.He tried to get Scotland to overthrow England Whilst he was in Jail, therefore he was executed for Treason.
    • Believed in the divine right of kings - believed he was chosen by god to be king.
      • Power hungry, arrogant. Weary of his pride.
    • Ship tax was only meant to be used for the navy but he was taking advantage of it and personally using it.


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