Charles V Domestic Policies Successes

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  • Charles V Domestic Policies
    • Religion
      • Little way of Prot. entering Spain (geographical position)
      • Ban on Lutheran books
      • Inquisition dealt w/ Erasmians and Illuminists
      • Worked w/ clergy to improve their standard of preaching
      • Introduced Cisneros' Polyglot Bible
    • Government
      • Created new councils to satisfy power-hungry + troublesome nobility w/ titles that granted only illusory power
      • Through this he removed much opposition from high-up members of soc.
      • Kept a level of control by writing to ministers himself + delegated work using secretaries
      • Cortes used mainly for providing finance
    • Finance
      • Made Alcabala (sales tax)  regular reducing its value
      • Food tax- Sisa was refused to be paid
      • Servicio also collected
      • Huge influx of bullion from NW
    • Revolts
      • Communeros- 1520-21
        • Repressed by Charles
        • Started because of greedy burgundian advisors and Charles' absence
        • Charles learnt spanish and stayed in Spain for a decent amount of time
      • Germania 1519-22
        • Areas surrendered after being abandoned by nobles
        • No more revolts after this
        • Captured Queen Juana who agreed to support their grievances but didn't commit to paper


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