characteristics of popular rec vs rational rec

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  • Characteristics of Rational Rec VS Popular Rec
    • Codification; business and administration skills
    • Respectable; middle class influence
    • Regular; increased free time and transport
    • Exclusive/ elitist; social class and gender discrimination
    • Urban/ suburban; the 'revolutions'
    • Control of gambling; increased laws
    • Fair play; public school influence
    • Purpose built facilities; technological advances
    • Natural/ simple; lack of technology
    • Local; limited transport
    • Simple/ unwritten rules; illiteracy, no NGBs.
    • Cruel/ violent; reflecting the harsh 18th century rural life
    • Occasional; free time on holy days and annual holidays
    • Courtly/ popular; pre-industrial britain was mostly a two class system
    • Rural; before the industrial revolution
    • Occupational; sport could be a job. 'rags to riches'
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