Characteristics of mass production

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  • Characteristics of mass production
    • General points
      • Series of smaller operations in one factory
      • Industrialisation led to  specialisation
        • Multiplerepetive products
      • One particular area for one worker
        • Multiplerepetive products
    • Technical advances
      • Design becomes less important
        • speed is emphasised
      • 100 years and machines begin to replace people
      • USA led mass production
        • 1850- moving assembly line
        • Enabled cheaper faster manufacture
    • Developments in production design
      • Move towards function and form
        • Asthetics vs functionality of the piece
      • 1850- trend to simplify
      • William Morris
        • Simple,well designed products were important
    • Developments in fashion
      • Mass production of affordable clothing
      • Major industry
      • Moved far east
        • Cheaper labour
        • Moved goods over many miles


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