Production Systems

Textiles Revision cards for Production systems

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Manual Systems

Start to finish!

(Personalised/one off)

Supervision- Minimal, manafacturer decides everything

Productivity(amound made)- Only one

Quality Control- Done by manafacturerThroughpyt time- Very long, one off specialised item created by one person.

Layout- convient machienery, whats needed is avaliable to manafacturer

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Progressive Bundle System



  • Gradually assembled through sub assembly lines
  • Labour needs a vary of skills, process is broken down
  • Productivity slightly higher than other systems
  • QC for each individual process
  • Throughput time increased at start and end of each section
  • V shaped layout

More than one but less than 10thousand, examples; Gig shirts

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Straight Line or 'syncro' system



  • Time very important for this production type
  • Lines must be kept balanced
  • High levels of labour needed due to different combination of operations
  • productivity very high due to regular place
  • Quality control happens during each stage of the process
  • Throughput time very short due to quantity of work, somethings always being done

Has the simplest layout- STRAIGHT LINE!

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Straightline 'synchro' system


To be effective this system requires...

  • High Volume production, lot to do at high demand
  • Accurate line balancing
  • Skilled supervision
  • Reserve operations
  • Reserve machienery and equiptment
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Unit production system


Essential features of this system include;

  • Production of a single garment, not bundles
  • Garments and components automatically transported from work station to work station according to pre-determind sequence
  • components presented so close to workers left hand in order to reduce amound of movement required to grasp and sew the product
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UNIT production system


  • Labour includes grades and rates of operators
  •  Productivity is high due to workers operators working in a 'paced' enviroment, allowes development of faster working rythems
  • QC happens during an inspection section of the production line
  • Throughput time measured in hours not days due to low amount of work at hand
  • Layout can be any form suitable to avalible area.
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Quick Response

Quick Response Sewing system


  • Supervision freed up to work with operators
  • Labour must be highly skilled
  • Productivity- very high product produced by one operator
  • QC- in-process inspection stations are built into the line
  • throughput time extriemly short due to so few garments
  • layout-typical unit would have 8 stations

works alongside JIT (JUST IN TIME)

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Just in time


(when you order just enough fabric & components for products you want to make)


  • if something goes wrong theres no reserves
  • costs more than mass production


  • No waste fabric, storage space not needed
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