Characteristics of the Five Kingdoms

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  • Characteristics of the five Kingdoms.
    • Protoctista
      • Membrane-bound organelles are present, e.g. nucleus.
      • No tissue differentiation.
    • Plantae
      • They are photoautotrophs: they undergo photosynthesis.
      • Their cells have membrane-bound organelles, such as chloroplasts.
      • Their cells have cell walls comprised of cellulose.
    • Prokaryota
      • Unicellular
      • Cell wall composed of murein.
      • No membrane-bound organelles.
    • Animalia
      • Cells do not have cell walls.
      • Heteroautotrophs.
      • Show nervous coordination.
    • Fungi
      • They have hyphae.
      • Reproduce by spores.
      • Cell wall made of chitin.
      • Saprotrophs - they feed on dead and decaying matter by extracellular digestion.


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