Chapter 6 project sponsorhsip

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  • Project Sponsorship
    • Ultimate Accountability+ success
      • Active dialogue needed between sponsor and project manager
        • Sponsor should act as a critical Friend (Constructive feedback)
    • Sponsor Responsibiltis
      • Business Case Ownership
        • Sponsor responsible for delivery of benefits
      • Approve the PMP
        • Contract between Project Manager and Sponsor
      • Stakeholder Arbitration
        • Interpersonal skills
      • Stage Gate Approval
        • Funding- review it
      • Resolve Issues
        • Escalate concerns from Manager to Sponsor
      • Accept deliverables
        • Agree deliverables meet acceptance criteria
      • Review Benefits
        • Formal review
      • Approve changes
        • Approve, reject or defer changes
      • Risk Management
    • The Project Issue is done by the project Steering group


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