Challenging the succession, 1485-99

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  • Henry VII 1485-99
    • 1.Measures to secure throne
      • dated reign back to before BB so Richard declared traitor
      • arranged his coronation before first meeting of parliament so it couldn't be said they made him king
      • birth of a son and heir, Arthur helped est a dynasty
      • enlisted support of the church and gained of the nobility
    • 2. Roles of Yorkist and Lancastrian Factions
      • most dangerous yorkist was Edward IV's sister Maragret of Burgundy
      • to heal rift between factions Henry married Elizabeth of York, Henry IV's daughter
      • Survivng Yorkists were either pardoned or killed
    • 3. Lambert Simnel
      • 10 year old who was taken by an Oxford priest Richard Symons
      • Was passed off as one of the princes in the tower Richard of York but changed to Warwick
      • After moving to Ireland Simnel recieved support from Lord Deputy, Earl of Kildare in Ireland
      • kildare was one of most powerful nobles in Ireland and infleunce allowed Simnel to be crowned King Edward VI in Dublin
      • claim caused various diplomatic prob: during 100 years war burgandy had been Englands main ally but Margaret of Burgundy supported Simnel and provided them with 2,000 mercenaries
        • but english support for simnel was very limited which enabled him to defeat rebels at battle of stoke.
    • 4.  Perkin Warbeck
      • Warbeck claimed to be Rich DOY which presented H.VII with a problem: the real one was dead
        • France: Charles VIII of France who first recognised his claims and welcomed him to court in Paris but 1492-Charles made peace with Henry so Warbeck was forced to move on to Burgundy
          • Burgundy: Warbeck welcomed by Margaret and her son in law eventhough she prob didnt really think it was him
            • Holy Roman Empire: recognised him as RDY in 1494 but did not have resources to finance an invasion into Eng.
              • Kent: Warbeck landed in July 1495,he failed to rouse support and sailed up north to Scotland
                • Befriended by King James IV, who may have been convinced as he granted him an income of £1,200 per year and his own cousin in marriage.
                  • James IV attempt to invade England on Warbeck's behalf in 1497 was a dissaster.
                    • Ireland: returned July 1497but found even Kildare was temporarily loyal to Hnery
                      • Attempted to rouse support in south west Eng but failed and gave himself up
                        • Henry allowed Warbeck to stay at court until he escaped and eventually was killed :(


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