Warbeck (1491-99)

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  • Warbeck (1491-99)
    • Warbeck made his way to Ireland (yorkist stronghold) the same way Simnel had
    • The rebellion dragged on because foreign powers were able to make the best of Warbeck's nuisance value to exert diplomatic pressure on H.VII
    • Warbeck's arrival in Ireland initially being met with little vim suggested that H.VII may have won some of their support since 1487
    • Warbeck claimed to be **** DOY which presented H.VII with a problem: the real one was dead -> the rebellion lingers
    • Since Ireland wasn't backing him, he targeted other problem areas -> the rebellion gained an international dimension
      • Warbeck was joined by 100 dissident Yorkists at the royal court in France but the treaty of etaples forced him to flee
      • Warbeck went to Flanders were he gained the support of MoB. H.VII viewed this with alarm as he broke off the trade with Flanders despite the damage it would do to the English cloth trade
      • Warbeck secured the bag by getting the support of the HRE who recognised him as R.IV
        • Fortunately for H.VII the HRE was poor + France eventually directed their support to Italy. This left H.VII able to tackle France without fear of international invasion
    • H.VII was clearly still insecure as L.Stanley who had supported him at Bosworth had been involved with Warbeck
    • Warbeck landing at Deal (Kent) was a mess. The local militia sorted them out without the aid of royal troops.-> Warbeck sailed to Ireland
    • From here, he tried and failed to take Waterford (Ireland) -> he then moved to Scotland and was married to James I's cousin.
      • This marriage probved that foreign rulers were more than willing to take any opportunity to take down H.VII or weaken his position
    • James I provided Warbeck with 1,500 troops so that he could cross the border, but after a few days of pillage he was forced to return
    • H.VII could find comfort in the fact that no Englishmen had joined Warbeck, and when England and Scotland entered into a truce Warbeck was forced to change bases
    • The Scots abandoned Warbeck as they sought to gain much more by marrying J.I + H.VII's children, rather than support a pretender
    • Warbeck returned to Ireland to discover they were too loyal to H.VII, so he went to SW England to exploit their disquiet
    • Warbeck was driven from Exeter and Taunton, and sought sanctuary at the Beaulieu Abbey
    • Aug 1497: Warbeck gave himself up + confessed. H.VII allowed him to remain at court. 1498: he ran away so H.VII put him in the tower. 1499: he was accused + found guilty of trying to escape. EXECUTED.
    • This was the longest but weakest challenge to the Tudor dynasty. H.VII had to act to remove him due to pressure from the Spaniards who wanted to marry into a secure dynasty.
    • Only made dangerous by foreign powers. Yorkists saw Warbeck as "**** DOY" as their best chance of removing H.VII. The rebellion was contained and didn't lead to battle. Only cause embrassment


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