Crossing Membranes - Active Processes

Brief notes about active transport

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  • Cell Membranes
    • Crossing Membranes
      • Active Processes
        • Magnesium Ions often are in very short supply in soil, so need to be absorbed fast, from a low concentration to a high one, to make chlorophyll
        • Active transport absorbs glucose from our intestines
        • Carrier proteins, have a complimentary shape to what they carry (molecules( -protein pumps - they carry against gradient
          • Adenosine Triphosphate loses one of it's phosphate groups, which attaches to the carrier protein, causing the shape to  change, allowing the molecule to pass though, this also prevents molecule from going the wrong way
        • Bulk Transport  Examples
          • Hormones (Protein synthesis - Exocytosis)
          • Materials used to build cellulose cell wall
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