protein sysnthesis and plasma crossing crossing

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John Reardon
Protein synthesis
DNA coded for protein which is a gene
mRNA (copies of the gene) from nucleus transported out of the nucleus through the nuclear
mRNA goes to ribosome where it is translated and made into a protein from amino acid the
attached ribosome releases the protein into the RER
Its then package into vesicle and moves into the Golgi apparatus where the protein is
modified (extra molecules)
The protein is then again packaged into vesicles and fuses with the plasma membrane it is
then secreted by exocytose

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John Reardon
Crossing of the plasma membrane
Crossing a phospholipid bilayerdepends on the ­size
Nonpolar, even distribution
Polar, uneven distrubution
If it is to big or insoluble it will go through either channel protein e.g.…read more


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