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Cell Wall
· Supports plant cells
· Rigid structure
surrounds plant cells,
and is mainly made of
cellulose.…read more

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· Chromatin is made from
proteins and DNA.
· Controls cells activities.
· Pores allow substnacees in
and out.
· Nucleolus makes
· Surrounded by a nuclear
envelope which contains
many pores
· Nucleus contains chromatin
and often a nuleolus.…read more

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· Contains digestive
· Kept separate from the
cytoplasm by the
surrounding membrane.
· Digest invading cells
· Break down worn out
components of cells.
· Round organelle
surrounded by a
· No internal structure.…read more

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· Site where proteins are
· Very small organelle
that either floats free or
is attached to the rough
endoplasmic reticulum.…read more

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Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
· Folds and processes
proteins that have been
made by the ribosomes.
· System of membranes
enclosing a fluid filled
· Surface covered in
ribosomes.…read more

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