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Plasma surface membrane
The "brains" of the cell, the
nucleus directs cell
activities and contains
genetic material called
chromosomes made of DNA.
Surface of animal cells and
in the cell wall of
prokaryotic cells.
Made of lipids and proteins.…read more

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Cell Wall
· Supports plant cells
· Rigid structure
surrounds plant cells,
and is mainly made of
cellulose.…read more

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· Chromatin is made from
proteins and DNA.
· Controls cells activities.
· Pores allow substnacees in
and out.
· Nucleolus makes
· Surrounded by a nuclear
envelope which contains
many pores
· Nucleus contains chromatin
and often a nuleolus.…read more

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· Contains digestive
· Kept separate from the
cytoplasm by the
surrounding membrane.
· Digest invading cells
· Break down worn out
components of cells.
· Round organelle
surrounded by a
· No internal structure.…read more

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· Site where proteins are
· Very small organelle
that either floats free or
is attached to the rough
endoplasmic reticulum.…read more

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Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
· Folds and processes
proteins that have been
made by the ribosomes.
· System of membranes
enclosing a fluid filled
· Surface covered in
ribosomes.…read more

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