Causes of the 1905 revolution

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  • Causes of the 1905 revolution
    • Long term discontent
      • Alienated intelligentsia
        • Middle-class liberals wanted to participate in government
        • Students protested against repressive government
      • Revolutionaries
        • SR's wanted peasants to revolt
        • SD's wanted working class to revolt
      • National minorities
        • Wanted more authority and independence
        • Wanted to end russification
      • Workers
        • Upset by long hours, low pay, terrible working & living conditions
        • Wanted more political power
      • Peasants
        • Upset about poverty, need for more land, high taxes, land redemption payments
        • Suffered famine periods
        • Increased population meant more pressure on land
    • Government policy
      • Tsarist regime
        • Weak indecisive Tsar
        • Repressive government
        • No moves to constitutional government
        • Denied basic freedoms
      • Wittes economic policy
        • Urban workers and peasants were squeezed hard by high taxes and low wages
        • Economic slump after 1902 led to high unemployment
        • Poor harvests in 1900 &1902 lead to starvation and violence in the countryside
    • Events
      • Outbreak of Russo-Japanese war
        • Defeat on land and sea shocked Russian people
        • Caused food & fuel shortages
        • Lost port arthur
        • Surge of discontent - Tsar and gov thought to be incompetant
      • Bloody sunday
        • Tsars troops fired on peaceful demonstartors
        • People started to see the Tsar as less of a God


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