Causes of the 1905 Russian Revolution

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  • Causes of the 1905 Revolution
    • Long Term
      • Power and independenceof the zemstva had been undermined by Land Captains
      • There was an increase of social unrest because of the appalling working and living conditions of the workers
      • Failure of Vyshnegradsky and Witte to confront the chronic problems of Russian agriculture contributed to growing unrest in rural areas
      • Growth of rural poverty as a result of redemption payments and indirect taxation by Vyshnegradsky
    • Short Term
      • Illegal strikes increased (more than 400,000 workers went on strike in January alone)
      • Instances of arson between 1903-04 "Years of the Red Cockerel" 15% manors of nobility destroyed,  from Jan-Oct army was used 2,700 times to put down peasant uprisings
      • Competent men like Witte were treated with suspicion and he was dismissed in 1903
      • Use of repression- but still weak
    • Catalyst
      • Russia vs. Japan war in 1905. Proof that Nicholas was incompetent. Russia was severely weakened and price of food increased.
    • Trigger
      • Bloody Sunday. Demonstrated the Tsar's cluelessness about Russia and what his people wanted. Tipped Russia into complete chaos


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