Causes, Events and Consequences of the Slave Trade CASE STUDY

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  • Causes, Events and Consequences of the Slave Trade (AQA GCSE History - Power and the People)
    • Causes
      • Britain Involvement
        • Transport slaves from the west coast of Africa to USA
        • Slaves were used in the west indies (British colonies)
      • Reasons slavery as popular
        • 'Labour  - intensive crops' = cotton, tobacco, coffee and sugar
      • Slave ship called 'Zorg'
        • Threw 130 slaves over board to claim money on insurance due to sickness and death
        • Religious group called 'Quakers' start a petition to abolish slavery
          • Gained 300 signatures yet failed however began the abolition movement
    • Events
      • 1787
        • Quakers meet up and form society for the abolition of the slave trade
        • Founding members
          • Thomas Clarkson
          • Granville Sharpe
        • MP William Wilberforce joins movement
      • Thomas Clarkson writes an award winning essay regarding abolition
        • Travels around UK collecting evidence against slavery, witness from sailors and freed slaves /artefacts
          • Showed it to Parliament
      • Oloudia Equiano
        • Interesting narrative at the life of Oloudia Equiano
          • Best seller
      • By 1788 (1 year)
        • 103 different petitions to abolish the slave trade
        • Manchester (1787) 10000 people (20% of the adult population) signed the petition
        • William Wilberforce campaigns in parliament
        • Josiah Wedgewood creates a logo for society
          • Used in merchandise
        • People boycott slave products


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