Boscastle flood causes

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  • Causes
    • Physical
      • Torrential rain and a rising hide tide
        • River levels increased by 2.15m in one hour
      • Hurricane Alex's remains
        • Heavy thunderstorms
      • 1422 million litres fell in 2 hours
        • High land and warm, rising air
      • Saturated ground already
        • Above average rainfall for previous 2 weeks
      • Meeting point of 3 rivers
        • Valency
        • Jordan
        • Paradise
      • Steep valley sides
        • Tunnelled the water into the  village
      • Very small river basin
        • 23km squared
    • Human
      • People were not to blame
      • Pattern of the streets and other man made features made it worse
      • Cars trapped under the bridge made it worse
      • Old sewer systems overflowed and were inefficient


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