Boscastle Flood

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  • Boscastle Floods
    • Causes
      • Human
        • Urbanisation causes impermeable surfaces
        • Narrow bridges that were an old, stone, arch design.
        • No flood control
        • Built on a flood plain
      • Physical
        • Steed sided valley.
        • Impermeable soil due to high temperatures.
        • Confluence of River Jordan and River Valency
        • High temperatures caused quick evaporation, leading to a storm cloud and then precipitation.
        • 70mm of rain fell in 2 hours.
        • Sudden flash flood
    • Consequences
      • Long term
        • Tourists stopped going there. 90% of income was from tourism.
        • Insurance companies lost money.
        • Agriculture was affected.
        • Power systems had to be rebuilt.
        • 1850 tonnes of debris had to be cleared.
      • Short term
        • Underground drainage system broke causing sewage to overflow and run into the town.
        • 50 cars swept away.
        • 440 million gallons of water flowed through the town.
        • Six building collapsed.
        • Trees, and debris built up behind the bridge acting as a dam.
        • Mud piled up inside buildings.
        • Roads through the town eroded.
        • 120 people air lifted to safety.
    • Solutions
      • Man made culverts were widened to allow more water to flow into River Valency.
      • The trees near to the river were cut down.
      • The river channel was widened and deepened.
    • When?Where?
      • 16th August 2004
      • Boscastle


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