Case Study 12: Coastal Landforms/Processes

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  • Case Study 12: Coastal Landforms and Management
      • Small town in Tendring district of Essex on North Sea coast
      • North of Claction and south of Harwich port
      • Naze cliffs are a 'Site of Scientific Interest' because of unique geology
    • Rock types
      • Made up of London Clay and Red Crag
      • London Clay is impermeable, formed by fine mud on sea bed
      • Red Crag is loose, permeable sandstone containing crushed shells
      • Crag Walk (150m path) build in 2011-12 to extend defenses
      • Naze is made up of cliffs is quickly erode
      • Landslides/ mudflows after London Clay is hit
      • Rapid erosion creates wave cut platform


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