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Physical Geography ­ AQA Spec. A
The Coastal Zone

The Coastal Zone
Coastal Weathering and Erosion

Weathering ­ breakdown of rocks where they are

Erosion ­ rocks are broken down and carried away

Mechanical weathering is the breakdown of rock without changing chemical composition e.g. freeze thaw
weathering. This is…

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The Coastal Zone
Coastal Landforms Caused by Erosion

Waves erode cliffs to form wave cut platforms. This happens when a wave makes a wave-cut notch at the base of a
cliff, which becomes enlarged as erosion continues. Eventually the rock above becomes unstable and collapses. The
collapsed material will wash…

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The Coastal Zone
Bars are spits which connect with another part of a headland. The bar cuts off the
bay between the headlands from the sea, creating a lagoon.

Case Study ­ Chesil Beach
Shingle spit extending 18 miles from the Isle of Portland in the south, to West Bay…

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The Coastal Zone
Soft Methods

Groynes ­ natural; encourages natural processes; fairly cheap; not long lasting
Dunes ­ vegetation colonisation; natural; cheap, effective; sustainable; however not immediate protection
Offshore reef ­ reduces energy from waves before hitting sand; reduces fetch; invisible from beach; quick
and fast acting; expensive; could disrupt…


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