Geography Case Study Earthquakes

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  • Case Study Earthquakes
    • Haiti
      • LEDC, North American and the Carrabin Plate on a conservative plate margin
      • 200,000 people died
        • 1.5 million people homeless
      • Epicentre was 25 Km from the Capital Pourt-au-Prince
      • 3.5 million people lived in a danger zone
      • 250,000 building collapsed
      • 4,000 prisoners escaped
      • Both the port and the airport were destroyed inhibiting aid
      • Aid took 5 days to get in
      • 2 million people were squatters in raining season
      • Ocured on January 12th 2010
      • American Red Cross raised 7 million in 24 hours
      • 7 on the Richter Scale
    • Loma Pietà
      • Ocured on the 17th of Octobre 1989
      • 6.9 on the Richter Scale
      • 63 people died
      • Due to massive baseball game 63,000 people attended and survived reducing the death tole
      • Liquifaction in the outer bay 60m from the epicentre
      • 12000 homes were destroyed
      • $1.8Bn damage to the transport system
      • $30Mn damage to the Airport
      • Freeway took 11 years to re-build
    • Indonesia
      • 26th of December 2004
      • 250,000 died
      • 200,000 homless
      • 13 countries effected
      • 9.1 on the Richter Scale
      • Hawii New 1 hour later due to the warning systems in the Pacific OCean
        • After the event warning systems put in the Indian ocean
      • Tourism dropped by 80%
      • $4.5Bn worth of damage
      • 1500 villages destroyed
      • 42 reconstruction projects still in place 12 years on
    • Wave Types
      • Shock waves. Are the first waves felt and are the quickest. Highest to the closest to the focus
      • P waves are the fastest and go through solids and liquids
      • S waves are slower and go side to side, don't go through liquids but are more dangerous than p waves
      • Surface waves are the slowest, most destructive and move both side to side and up and down and is the final wave felt.


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