Care Planning Cycle

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  • Care Planning Cycle
    • 1. Assessment
      • A practitioner will conduct an assessment to determine if the client needs help to continue living in safety and comfort at home.
    • 3. Implementation
      • Putting the care plan into action by contracting service providers
    • 2.Care Planning
      • A care manager in consultation with the client, draws up a statement (a care plan) of what services should be provided to the client and when.
    • 4. Monitor
      • Care manager checks that the service are being provided as planned and finds out whether or not the objectives of the pklan have been met
    • 5. Review
      • The care manager, other practitioners and the client decide whether or not any changes to the care plan are necessary
    • A2 Health &Social Care, Phillip Allan Updates, Richard Smithson(2006) page 13


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