Carboxylic Acids

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  • Carboxylic Acids
    • functional group = -COOH
    • names end in -anoic acid
      • methanoic acid
        • HCOOH
      • ethanoic acid
        • CH3COOH
      • propanoic acid
        • C2H5COOH
    • react with carbonates to produce CO2
      • salts formed in these reactions end in -anoate
        • e.g. sodium ethanoate
    • some are fairly common
      • ethanoic acid can be made by oxidising ethanol
        • e.g. if you leave wine open the ethanol in it is oxidised - why it goes off
      • ethanoic acid can be dissolved in water to make vinegar
      • citric acid
    • those with longer chains of carbon atoms are used to make soaps
    • are also used in the preparation of esters
    • ethanoic acid is a good solvent, but isn't usually chosen - makes solution acidic


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