Carboxylic Acids

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  • Carboxylic acids
    • Have the functional group -COOH
    • The first four are:
      • Propanoic acid
      • Ethanoic acid
      • Butanoic acid
      • Methanoic acid
    • The structure is written as CH3COOH
    • How do the first four carboxylic acids react:
      • With Carbonates
        • When a carboxylic acid and a carbonate react a salt, water and carbon dioxide is produced.
        • The salts form always end in -anoate
          • Methanoic acid will form a methanoate
        • For example: If ethanoic acid reacts with sodium carbonate
          • It produces sodium ethanoate + water + carbon dioxide
      • When dissolved in water
        • They dissolve in water to make an acidic solution
          • This is because they ionise and release H+ ions.
        • The acidic solution is weak
          • This is because it doesn't ionise completely
        • They have a higher pH than acids of the same concentration
      • With alcohols
        • When carboxylic acids react with alcohols they produce esters
        • They have the functional group -COO
        • The reaction is usually done with a acid catalyst.
          • Such as concentratedsulfuric acid
        • The only ester name you need to know is ethyl ethanoate
        • For example: If ethanoic acid reacts with Ethanol
          • Ethyl Ethanoate and water are produced


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