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  • Cancer
    • Risk Factors
      • Having certain risk factors means you are at increased risk of developing the disease
      • Smoking - linked to lung cancer as well as mouth, bowel, stomach and cervical cancer
      • Obesity - linked to many different cancers - including bowel, liver and kidney cancer - 2nd biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking
      • UV Exposure - exposure to increased UV radiation from sun - risk of skin cancer - sunny climates and lots of time outside increases risk - use of sun beds increase risk too
      • Viral Infection - infection with hepatitis B and C can increase risk of developing liver cancer - likelihood of becoming infected depends on lifestyle - spread through unprotected sex and sharing needles
      • You can also inherit faulty genes that make you more susceptible to cancer - mutations in BRCA genes have been linked to increased likelihood of developing breast and ovarian cancer
    • Types of Cancer
      • Benign
        • Tumour grows until there is no more room
        • Stays in one place (usually within a membrane) rather than invading other parts of the body
        • Not normally dangerous and isn't cancerous
      • Malignant
        • Grows and spreads to neighbouring healthy tissues
        • Cells can break off and spread to other parts of the body -travel by bloodstream
        • Invade healthy tissues and form secondary tumours
        • Dangerous and fatal - cancerous
      • Uncontrolled growth and division is a result of changes that occur to the cells - results in formation of tumour (mass of cells)
      • Survival rates have increased due to medical advances - improved treatment, early diagnosis and increased screening


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