Sociology- boys and underachievement

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  • Boys and achievement
    • Boys and literacy
      • DCSF 2007- Gender gap in achievement is mainly due to the result of boys poor literacy skills
      • Parents spend less time reading with their sons or the mum may do the reading and so becomes a feminine identity
      • Boys leisure persuits, such as football, do little to develop language skills
        • Girls have a bedroom culture
    • Globalisation and the decline of traditional men's jobs
      • Since 80s- Decrease in heavy industries due to globalisation
      • Mitsos and browne claim that the deline in male employment has led to a crisis of masculinity--> Many men have little prospect to get a proper job
        • Undermines self esteem and motivation so give up trying to get qualifications
    • Feminisation of education
      • Sewell said boys fail as education has become too feminised
      • Schools to not nurture masculine traits such as competitiveness and leadership- they celebrate methodical working and attentiveness of girls
      • Sewell sees coursework as a major cause of gender differences and argues it should be replaced with final exams
      • Also argued by Moir and Moir 1998
    • Shortage of male primary school teachers
      • Lack of male role models both at home and school is said to be a cause of underachievement in boys.
        • Eg. large numbers of boys are being brought up in the 1.5 million female headed lone parent families
      • Only 14% of primary school teachers are male
        • According to Yougov 2007- 39% of 8-11 year old boys have no lessons with a male teacher
        • 42% Boys said male teachers made them work harder
      • Argue culture of primary schools have become feminised as a result of being staffed by female teachers
    • Policies
      • Raising boys achievement project- involves a range of teaching strategies, including single sex teaching
      • The national literacy strategy- improving boys reading
      • The reading champions scheme uses male role models celebrating their own reading interests
      • Playing for success- Uses football and other sports to boost learning skills and motivation
      • Dads and sons campaign-encourages fathers to be in their sons education
    • Laddish subcultures
      • Epstein 1998 found that wc boys are likely to be harassed, labelled as sissies and subjected to homophobic verbal abuse if they appear to be swots
      • Francia 2001- finding that boys were more concerned than girls about being labelled as swots by peers
        • Because in wc culture, masculinity is equated with being tough and doing manual work
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    • Moral panic about boys
      • critics of feminism argue that policies to promote girls education are no longer needed
      • Ringrose 2013- these views that girls 'have it all' and are taking mens jobs have led to a moral panic about boys
      • By focusing on failing boys, it ignores wx and minority pupils
      • Osler 2006 argues that the focus on underachieving boys has led to the neglect of girls


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