Sociological Studies

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Gang leader for a day: A rogue sociologist crosses the line

Venkatesh, S. 2008

 Ethnographic methods

The origins of gang culture

 Young people and territoriality in British cities

Kintrea, K. et al. 2008

Focus groups

Explanations of youth crime

Reluctant gangsters: Youth gangs in Waltham Forest

Pitts, J. 2007

Case study using semi-structured interviews

Understanding the emergence of armed gangs

‘Do we look like boy racers?’: The role of the folk devil in contemporary moral panics

Lumsden, K. 2009

Multi-strategy approach

‘Boy racers’ as folk devils

 Researching drug sellers: An ‘experiential’ account from the field

Ward, J. 2008

Participant observation

Illegal drug use in the ‘rave’ culture

In proportion: Race, and police stop and search

Waddington, P.A. J. et al. 2004

Direct observation

Do the police show racial bias when stopping and searching?

Partners in crime: A study of the relationship between female offenders and their co-defendants

Jones, S. 2008

Semi-structured interviews

The influence of male partners on female crime

Gender, socially desirable responding and the…


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