Boys and achievement

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  • Boys and achievement
    • Literacy
      • Boys
        • Football
      • Girls
        • Bedroom culture
      • Reading seen as a feminine activity
      • Policies to raise boys achievement
        • Reading Champions
      • DCSG - Gender gap due to poor literacy skills
    • Decline of traditional men jobs
      • Outsourcing of manufacturing to Asia
      • Mitsos and Browne
        • Crisis of masculinity
          • Little prospect of getting a proper job
          • Give up trying to get qualifications
            • Qualificationsaren't need for these jobs anyway
    • Feminisation of education
      • Sewell - coursework is the cause of the gender gap
      • Coursework should be replaced with single exams
      • Schools celebrate feminine traits and not masculine ones
    • Shortage of male teachers
      • DFEs - 16% of male primary school teachers
      • Female teachers are unable to control boys behaviour
      • Male teachers need to impose strict discipline on boys
      • Read - Female teachers can use discourse to discipline
    • Laddish subcultures
      • Epstein - w/c boys called sissies if they appear to be 'swots'
      • Masculinity = tough manual work
      • Francis - Non feminine construct
    • Moral panic about boys
      • Ringrose - fear that w/c boys will group up to be dangerous
      • Pre-occupied with raising boys achievements
        • Osler - neglect of girls
        • Ignores w/c and ethnic minorities
      • Gender, class and ethnicity
        • Both sexes have improved
        • McVeigh - Similarities are greater than differences
        • Gender gap amongst black Caribbean pupils is greater than other ethnicities


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