Box Room Stanza 2

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  • Box Room Stanza 2
    • 'peace to unpack' 'found none' the mother left her alone giving her time to reflect on her relationship
    • Box room becomes more claustrophobic
      • Walls are 'dun-coloured' with 'one small window'.
        • Feels like a prison cell, sense of unease
          • Lochhead tries to work out what is causing this feeling 'What can I blame/for my unrest?
          • Sense of panic
          • 'narrow bed'
    • 'persistent fear/elbows me'
      • 'elbows me' use of enjambment makes it seem shocking.
        • Reader becomes aware of the panic
        • Looking for her sense of fear
    • 'but where do I fit into the picture?'
      • Use of question mark shows Lochhead is experiencing growing doubts.
        • Although she refers to the boyfriend as 'you', the questions are to herself and not him
    • 'previous prizes'
      • juxtapose her boyfriend's previous life
      • Thinks of herself as something she has won and is likely to be discarded
        • 'plots grown thin'
          • Boyfriend is getting bored of his prizes
    • 'your egg collection shatters me'
      • 'precarious position' she will eventually become an abandoned object.
    • 'your a past premonition'
      • Conflict of the past & present.
    • 'can't close her eyes to'
      • Obession with time; mother too
        • They're both obsessed with the past and upset by change.
    • 'shivering'
      • Fear of anxiety
    • 'deceptive mildness'
      • Nicesness of the situation she's in, in terms of mother's friendliness and her relationship.
        • 'deceptive' suggests it is not what it seems.
    • Ends on a depressing a pessimistic tone


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