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  • Book 16
    • Telemachus approaches Eumaeus' hut
      • Eumaeus is elated to see him and cries
      • Telemachus came to find out if his mother is still un-married and if Odysseus has returned
        • Penelope and continued to be patient
    • Eumaeus offers Telemachus a fleece, a seat and a meal
    • With the suitors Telemachus feels he cannot keep Odysseus in his house so he stays with Eumaeus
      • but Telemachus shows good xenia as he says he will provide clothes and food for him
      • He's worried the suitors will insult his guest
    • Telemachus asks Eumaeus to go and tell Penelope that he's returned safely
    • Athene appears as a tall, beautiful mortal women
      • only Odysseus can see her
      • she tells Odysseus to reveal himself to Telemachus so together they can defeat the suitors
      • she takes away his disguise
      • Telemachus is confused and thinks he must be a God
        • he tells him he's not a god but is his father
        • Telemachus is doubtful at first
          • Odysseus tells him that their will be no second coming of Odysseus
    • Telemachus is doubtful that they can defeat the suitors
    • Odysseus asks him to gather up all the weapons in the palace and store them in a secret room
      • if he is questioned he will say its because he's worried that the suitors will disgrace themselves when they're drunk
      • its important that Telemachus tells no one of his return
        • this will enable them to catch the suitors off guard
        • it will also mean that Odysseus can see which of his servants are loyal
          • he tells his father that she should only sound out all the female servants because it would take too long to go to all the farms


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