Stories in the Iliad

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Glacus (book 6)

  • Queen of Argos tells the king that Bellerophon that he had tried to sleep with her
  • The King sends Bellerophon on a mission to Lykia, where he is then sent to do battle with a Chimera
  • He defented this, as well as the Solymoi and the Amazon tribes
  • When Belleprohon returned to Lykia, the king was so impressed that he let him marry his daughter and have half his kingdom
  • They had 3 children, Isandros, Hippolochos and Laodameia
  • Isandros was killed by Ares, Laodameia had Sarpedon with Zeus and Hippolochos was the father of Glacus
  • Diomedes' grandfather once hosted Glacus' father in Argos
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Phoenix (book 9)

  • Aetolians and Curetes are fighting, they are defending Calydon
  • Meleager's father made a mistake to offend Artemis, as he did not offer her a sacrifice
  • So Artemis sent a boar that ravaged the country, by Meleager killed it
  • The Curetes and Aetolians argue over who should get the spoils from it
  • Meleager gets angry over this and so withdraws from battle and stays with his wife Cleopatra
  • Cleopatra's mother was called Marpessa, Cleopatra is also called Alcyone, the kingfisher, because she laments
  • Meleager's mother, Althea, begs the gods to kill her son due to a quarrel with his uncle
  • There is an offer of rewards to Meleager if he returns to the war, but herefuses
  • The war continues and the enemy starts to scale the walls of the city and set fire to it
  • Cleopatra supplicated Meleager by saying how they will kill the men and carry off the children
  • So he returns and saves the city but he does not get the rewards
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Nestor (book 11)

  • Pylians and Eleans arguing over cattle raids, Nestor killed Itymoneus
  • The Greeks took 50 heards of cattle, flocks of pigs, goats and sheep, and 150 horses, Neleus was delighted with Nestor
  • People who were owed debts by the Eleans were given spoils, Neleus given a lot because he had sent a chariot to Elis to run for their games and they had sent it back with a rude message
  • Elis marched on them and laid seige to Thryoessa
  • Athene warned the Pylians to prepare for battle, but Neleus did not want Nestor to arm, so hid his horses
  • Athene arranged it so that even on foot, Nestor outshone everyone, Nestor killed many men
  • Nestor was given glory among men
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Book 16

  • Achilles' divine horses Xanthus and Balius, and the mortal horse Pedasus: Podarge had foaled them by the Western Gale when she was grazing beside the Ocean Stream
  • Menesthius: son of the River Spercheus and Polydora (daughter of Peleus), but called the son of Borus because Borus had married his mother
  • Eurdorus: illegitimate son of Polymede and Hermes, Polymede had married Echecles and so Phylas (Eurdorus' grandfather) had raised him
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