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  • Bonhoeffer
    • Civil Disobedience
      • Bonhoeffer Faced Two Terrible Alternatives;
        • Kill Jews
          • Jesus Challenged Authority and Sacrificed = Justified
        • Kill Hitler
      • Came in many forms for Bonhoeffer;
        • Resisting those in power
        • Tyrannicide -(killing of a tyrant)
        • Tyrant (mocking God, performing will of God) (Making people do unreasonable acts)
      • Strengths
        • Weakness
          • Follow law of the land
            • All authority is that from God
              • Jesus kingdom is not on this earth
                • Risk of extremism
                  • How can we know Gods will?
        • Offers a response to injustice
        • Better than passively praying for God
        • An attempt to save life
        • Jesus stood up to power of the state
    • Church
      • Confessing Church
        • Created in response to Aryan Church
        • Churches should have no
        • Church for everyone
        • 'Church exists in its true form when it exists for humanity'
      • Church should include;
      • Bible reading, meditation, brotherhood
        • Church needs to lead in discipline
      • Strength
        • Weakness
          • How can we know Gods will?
            • Too isolated
              • Didnt do enough to save others?
                • He became critical of the church?
        • Reinforced Christian principles and beliefs
          • Promotes discipline which is an important value
    • Suffering / Grace / Discipleship
      • Carry your own cross
        • Give up possessions and family for God
        • Put God and your neighbour first
        • The Grace is suffering and forgiveness
        • Cheap Grace; looking for salvation, when not truly following God
      • Strengh
        • Promotes personal responsibility
          • Teaches people to give life to God
            • A lot of Christians believe God brings you closer to God (Mother Theresa)
            • St Augustine supports as he believes we deserve punishment
      • Weakness
        • How can we know Gods will?
          • Suffering isnt necessary
            • Focuses on Crucifixion forgets Resurrection
          • What about happy / positive Christians who dont suffer
    • His life
      • Executed at 39
        • Tried to assassinate Hitler
          • Created confessing Church
      • Saw evangelist in USA, real faith
        • Vocal about anti Nazi views


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