Essay Plan- 'Bonhoeffer's theology is still relevant today" Discuss.


Danielle Hills 

Essay Plan- 'Bonhoeffer's theology is still relevant today" Discuss.

X His beliefs were absolute and disreguarded the laws of the land. Duty to God above the state. Criticised as lead to civil disobedience. (He himself committed this as he was accused of plotting to assasinate Hitler- 10 commandments and the state law is "do not kill" = he is not a good example to follow. 

✓ Is relevant as emphasises the risk of 'apparent goods'. If Bonhoeffer was planning to assasinate Hitler, he may have been doing it to save thousands but is still taking the life of one whixh is bad. In addition, Hitler believed he was doing something good but this was an 'apparent good'. Thes appear to be good but was actually evil. 

X Not relevant as the state laws have been produced to be followed to avoid the destruction of society. 

= Therefore Bonhoeffer's theology is not relevant in society today due to him being a poor example to follow.

X Bonhoeffer commited illegal activities. For example in 1935 he was asked to run a secret training school, or seminary in Finkenwalde, for new pastors (illegal as didn't apply 'Aryan…


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