bolshevik consolidation overview

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  • Bolshevik Consolidation
    • Consolidation
      • Removed the Constitute Assembly as they got only 24% of the vote
      • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk: Russia lost land, countries and money
      • Central Committee had a vote preserved for the workers
    • The Civil War
      • Began in 1918 and consisted of various fights  because of Brest-Livosk
      • Tsar was murdererd
      • Won because of Cheka, geography, the Whites and Trotsky
    • Economic and Social
      • War Communism: taking grain, labour dicpline.
      • The NEP: changed policy and better but thought it was capitalism
      • The Red Terror had concentration camps
    • Foreign Relations
      • Treaty of Rapallo- creates metal goodwill and recognises Bolsheviks as leaders
      • Zinoviev letter creates scandal
      • Foreign Intervention did little direct fighting and didn't do much for the civil war


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