Lenin Political

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  • Lenin Political
    • End dual power removes provisional government and takes power
      • comes back from exile 1917 to lead bolsheviks to resume power
      • main focus during 1917-1920 was the consolidation of power
      • april theses
    • lost 1918 constituent assembly election; closes down assembly
      • argues it was another example of bourgeoisie rule in Russia
      • establishes 'new soviet of people's commissar'- SOVNARKOM
        • full of bolsheviks
    • strong use of Cheka
      • aid in consolidation of power\
    • imprisonment of all political opponents including Kadets and Mensheviks
    • 1921 ban on factions within the bolshevik party
    • used propaganda against 'enemies of the state'
      • umbrella term for anyone who threatened the bolsheviks


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