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  • Biology YR10
    • DRUGS
      • Drugs are chemicals that affect the way the body functions-Nervous system
      • Drugs i know of: Cocaine, Heroin, Paracetamol, Nicotine, Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms
      • Legal= A drug that is allowed by law
      • Illegal= A drug that is not allowed by law
      • A recreational drug is taken for pleasure/ enjoyment, not medical used,
      • Medical drug cures medical conditions,
      • Scientists have to go through testing and trialling before they can be used
        • 1.Pre-Clinical development-Undergoes many laboratory tests. Tested on animals=3Years
        • 2.Clinical Development- Human testing begins. Split into 3 different phases-Phase I, Phase II and Phase III= 6Years
          • Phase I=The drug gets tested in 50-100 healthy volunteers or patients with the disease, to find a safe dose and to see how it works in humans.
          • Phase II=The drug is tested in 200-400 patients to see whether it works and to make sure it doesn't produce unacceptable side-effects
          • Phase III=The drug is tested in 3000+ patients and compared with an existing drug or placebo. This is to see how effective it is.
        • 3.Regulatory Review-All the data about the drug is studied by a regulatory authority. If the benefits of the drug outweigh any risks it is licensed as a treatment.
          • -2Years
        • 4.Drug Launch and Beyond-The drug continues to be studied to make sure it doesn't cause very rare side effects. New formulations, such as long-acting tablets, may also be developed= 1Year
      • Benefits of using a placebo are: you can compare to see if there are any differences


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