Biology - Human fitness and health.

A mind map showing GCSE work about the fitness and health of humans as reision for a test.

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  • Biology - Human Fitness and health
    • Blood vessels
      • Arteries-thick walls,thick muscle and fibre,carries ox blood, high  pressure.
      • Capillaries -thin walls.
      • Veins-thin walls, one way valves (gstes), deox. blood and lower pressure.
      • The heart-a muscle, beats 70 time/minute, pumps blood around body, muscle cells need constant supply of nutrients and removal of waste product, needs own supply of blood, blood vessels 'coronary ateries supply blood to heart muscles.
    • A balanced diet
      • Carbohydrates (sugars) eg - pasta. bread.
      • Proteins - meat , eggs.
      • Fats  - Cake, butter.
      • Vitamins, minerals - fruit juice, peaches.
      • Fibre - celery, beans.
      • Water
    • Food tests.
      • Starch  - Iodine - yellow/brown to blue/black.
      • Sugar - Benedict's test - bright blue to brick rfed.
      • Proteins - biuvet test - purple ring/
      • Fat - smear.
    • BMI
      • BMI=mdy mass (kg) divided height (m)2
      • Normal range=20-25
      • Overweight=25-30
      • EAR=0.6xbodymass (kg)
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