Biological Positivism

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  • Biological Positivism
    • What is positivism?
      • Methods of study from the natural sciences applied to the social world
      • Data from observation
      • Knowledge gathered from facts collected by the scientist
      • Facts are different to values
      • Hypothetico deductive model
      • Quantitative methods
      • Physical characteristics of criminals
      • Criminals were primitive beings
      • The epileptic, insane, ocassional and born criminals.
      • different head size and shape, asymmetrical face, bigger jaw and cheek bones, eye defects, size of ears, nose shape, chin shape, abnormal hair, longer arms, extra fingers and toes etc
      • endomorph (Short, round), mesomorph (muscular, large), and ectomorph (Lean, little delicate
      • viscerotonic (extrovert, luxury lifestyle), somotonic (active, dynamic and agressive), and cerebrotonic (introverted, fatigue
      • Delinquents were found to be more mesomorphs with somotonic personalities. tled
      • Somatypes


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