Biological model

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  • Biological approach
    • Viruses
      • During pregnancy if the mother has a viruses then this may develop in the child's brain
      • Will live dominate until the child hits puberty
    • Mental disorder
      • All Mental disorders are related to some change in the body
      • Mental disorders are illnesses.
    • Genetic inheritance
      • Passed on from the persons parents
    • Biochemistry
      • Level of hormones
        • Level of serotonin: low= depression high= Anxiety
    • Neuroanatomy
      • Genes determine the structure of the brian
      • Enlarge ventricals = Schizophrenia
    • Strengths & weaknesses
      • Strengths
        • Removes all blame from the patient
        • that it is very scientific. This is a strength because the experiments used are measurable, objective and can be repeated to test for reliability.
      • Weaknesses
        • Drugs only mask the problems.
        • focuses too much on the 'nature' side of the nature/nurture debate


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