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  • Bioenergy
    • Definition: energy stored in organic material (biomass).
    • Biomethane
      • Upgraded biogas: scrubbing out the Co2 up to 98% methane
      • Biofuel Directive 2003: reference value of 5.75% biofuels in all petrol and diesel for transport by 2010.
      • Renewable Energy Directive I: mandatory biofuel targets.
        • RED II: upscaled targets; certification for low ILUC risk biofuels.
      • Fuel Quality Directive: 6% reduction of GHG emissions from road transport fuels.
    • Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC)
      • ILUC Directive 2015: capped the contribution of food-based biofuels to the RED target at 7% by 2020.
      • Use of agricultural land where agricultural production is still necessary, leading to the extension of agricultural land into non-crop land, including areas with high carbon stock.
      • RED II limits the amount of biofuels that MSs can count towards national targets for renewables.
        • Criteria for determining the high ILUC risk feedstock and certifying low ILUC risk biofuels.
    • Targets for biofuels
      • RED I: minimum 35% GHG emissions saving from biofuels.
      • RED II: trajectory from 50% to 80%.


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