Causes of Conflict

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  • Causes of Conflict
    • "Origins"
    • "Nature"
    • Culture
      • Beliefs, Social norms and traits of a racial, religious or social group and the set of shared altitudes, values and practices that characterise that group.
      • This is something which groups of people are inherently proud, and which that seek to protect.
    • Territory
      • A geographical area belonging to, or under the control of a governmental authority.
      • Conflict can occur where there is dispute over who has authority over the area.
    • Ideology
      • A systematic body of concepts regarding human life (set of ideas.)
      • It can result in a set of theories and aims that constitute a socio-political programme.
    • Identity
      • A sense of belonging to a group or geographical area. it may be determined by ethnicity, language and religion.
      • Identity exists on varying scales:
        • Nationalism
        • Regionalism
        • Localism
    • Ethnicity
      • The grouping of people according to their ethnic origins or characteristics.
      • It describes the racial make - up of the population, but more recently refers to the classing of people according to their origins or backgrounds.


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