Belief about Deity - Key Words

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  • Beliefs about Deity
    • Translucent
      • God is outside time
    • Moral Argument
      • Everyone has the same moral code, given by God
    • Omnibenevelent
      • God is all loving
    • Teleological Argument
      • The world is complicated and must have a designer
    • Omniscient
      • God is all knowing
    • Ontological Argument
      • God is greater than anything else people can think of
    • Polytheism
      • Belief in many Gods
    • Monotheism
      • Belief in one God
    • Eternal
      • God has no beginning or ending
    • God
      • A supreme being, creator of the world
    • Omnipotent
      • God is all powerful
    • Cosmological Argument
      • Everything has a 'first cause' and that was God
    • Miracle
      • A supernatural event defying nature
    • Atheism
      • Disbelief in the existence of God


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