Beliefs about deity

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Deity- Key words

Authority= power or right to give orders.

Belief= something accepted as truth, sometimes with no proof.

Deity= Supreme being.

Incarnation= In human flesh.

Intervention= Getting involved in something.

Miracles= unique events that defy laws of nature.

Nature= characterisitcs or qualities.

Redeemer= To set free.

Revelation= How God revealed himself.

Saviour= someone who saves ppl

Secular= non-religious view. 


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Deity- God

God= Christian's creator. 'You alone are the Lord'

Perfect Eternal Creator Benevolent Omniscient Omnipotent Monotheist.

Transcendant= beyond our understanding. 

Reasons for belief in God= Bible- God's revelation, Religious experience- answered prayers, witnessed a miracle, Natural world- God's creation e.g. sunsets, Our conscience- where did it come from?

Proof= Miracles, prayers answered, our sense of right and wrong has to come from God...

Cosmological arugment= Must be a first cause for everything because something cannot come from nothing. St. Aquinas. 

teleological= William Paley, clock's mechanism is so complicated, must have a creator. Earth is complicated with many mechanisms . 

A computer is no match to our brain. A camera is no match to our eyes. 'The thumb alone can convince me of God's existence' Everyone has a different thumb print. 

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Deity- God continued

Reason for not believing in God= unanswered prayers, evidence of the Big Bang, natural selection, no actual evidence for God.

Immanent= God is near or within all. Creed= a list of beliefs. Immutable= something that never changes. Numinous= feeling of awe. 

'Every word of God is flawless' 

The trinity= 

God the father= He is transcendent (not in this world), he is the creator and judge.

God the son= Jesus Christ. Christ= savior. He is immanent, he came to Earth. He is the savior and the redeemer.

God the holy spirit= Immanent, voice of God, the divine spark. 

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Deity- Intervention

Miracles= Resurrection, healing, natural and exorcism. Healing=lourdes. 

For Miracles= Jesus performed many miracles, written in Bible.

Against Miracles= Chance, luck, coincidence, why only sometimes?, fake stories, science can explain miracles.

Jesus= God the son. Jesus inspired, his teachings taught ppl to believe in God 'love thy neighbour', he answered prayers, his life on Earth sets an example, he performed miracles too e.g. healing the blind man and feeding the 5,000.

Holy spirit= voice of conscience, our moral conscience 'we can rely on our conscience to help us do right', intervenes through inspiration and comfort, by directing people to God. 

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