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  • Becker
    • Aim:
      • Use the HEALTH BELIEF MODEL to explain mother's ADHERENCE for their ASTHMATIC children.
    • Methodology:
      • CORRELATION between BELIEFS reported during INTERVIEWS and the COMPLIANCE with self-reported administration of asthma medication.
    • Participants:
      • 111 mothers responsible for administering asthma medication to their children.
    • Procedure:
      • Mothers interviewed each for 45 minutes. Asked questions regarding their
        • Perception of their child's SUSCEPTIBILITY to illness and asthma, how SERIOUS asthma is, how much it intereferes with the child's EDUCATION,
          • Caused EMBARRASSMENT and interefered with the MOTHER'S activities. Asked about FAITH in DOCTORS and EFFECTIVENESS of medication.
    • Findings:
      • Found POSITIVE CORRELATION between a mother's belief about her child's SUSCEPTIBILITY to asthma attacks and COMPLIANCE with medical regimes was found.
      • POSITIVE correlation found between mother's PERCEPTION of of the child having a serious condition and ADMINISTERING the medication as required.
      • Mothers who reported their child's asthma interefered with the MOTHERS ACTIVITIES also COMPLIED with the medication.
      • NEGATIVE CORREALTION found between COSTS of medication and treatment and COMPLIANCE.
      • Variables of MARITAL status and EDUCATIONAL level CORRELATED with COMPLIANCE as follows: MARRIED mothers were MORE likely to comply. and the GREATER the mother's educational level, the MORE likely they were to comply.
    • Conclusions:
      • The health belief model is a USEFUL model to PREDICT and explain different LEVELS of COMPLIANCE with medical REGIMES.


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