Scale of Production

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  • Scale of Production
    • Continuous Production
      • expensive to stop and restart process
      • runs all the time
      • Expensive equipments
      • Designed to be very efficient
      • Low cost per item
      • Ex: Chocolate bar packaging
    • Batch Production
      • Specific Quantity
      • Flexible and can be repeated
      • One process at a time in batch
      • Down-time waste money
    • Just in time
      • Materials and Components delivered as needed
      • Saves storage space
      • Reduce waste of materials
      • Unsold product don't pile up
      • May not meet customer demand
      • Must be on time and fault free
    • Mass Production
      • identical products
      • Stages broken down into repetitive tasks
      • Large Quantity
      • Assembly Line
      • Expensive specialised equipments - CAD/CAM
      • No need for highly skilled workers
      • Ex: Newspaper, Magazine
    • One-off
      • One of a kind
      • Labour Intensive
      • Highly skilled Labour - expensive
      • Ex: Furniture, Paintings


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