Reasearch electronics

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  • Research
    • Function
      • What do consumers want to use it for?
      • Will it be taken apart?
    • Form
      • What do the consumers want it to look like?
      • What style will it be?
      • WHat size should it be?
    • Sustainability
      • Will it be powered with solar power?
      • Will it be passed down familys/resold?
      • how long wil it work for?
      • Does it need to be recycled?
      • Will it be powered by batteries?
    • Scale of production
      • How small will the production be?
      • Which method of production will be used?
    • User requirements
      • What colours do the consumers want?
      • What is the main reason for buying it?
      • What wind speed should it measure?
      • Where will it fit on the boat?
    • Materials and components
      • Should it use standard sized components?
      • What wil it be made out of?
      • What materials will be best to use?
      • How will the curcuit board fit in?


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