B1f: Homoeostasis part 1

A small mind map with the first part of Homeostasis included.

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  • B1f:    Homoeostasis pt 1
    • Definition: the maintenance of a constant internal environment
    • healthy body temp is 37 degrees. 42 = death and 25 = death.
    • Vasodilatation is where blood vessels swell and make the face go red.
    • Vasoconstriction is where blood vessels shrink and make the face go blue
    • Hairs become erect to trap pockets of air that warm the body up. These create goosebumps
    • Shivering is where the muscles in the body are told to shake, generating frictional heat
    • Sweating  is where water is secreted and evaporates, taking heat with it.
    • The body controls temperature, water, co2, salt ions and sugar


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