Reform movements prior to 1545

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  • Attempts at catholic reform before 1545
    • Impact of renaissance
      • 're-birth' of classical ideas- arts and literature
        • Humanists- ad fontes
      • Promted founding of Modern Devotion
      • Influenced individuals such as Savonarola and Contarini
        • Contarini- headed 1537 commission, was reform minded
    • National reform movements
      • Modern Devotion- encouraged reforming type of spirituality with emphasis on bible and God
        • Low countries, laymen joined by priests
        • Links with schools, provided spiritual guidance
        • Windeheim congregation
      • Cardinal Ximenes
        • Franciscian- enforced observant reform movement
          • Encouraged reform of religious orders
        • University of Alcala- centre for education for priests
        • Promoted Spanish Inquisition
      • Untitled
      • France
        • Series of national church councils, denouncing abuses and maladministration
        • Paris, Jran Standock- reorganised College de Montaigu
          • Educated priets, motivated by humanist principles including rigorous scholarship based on bible
      • Italian City Sates
        • Florence- Savanrola, Dominican preacher, fierce sermons against corruption in society- was executed, not everyone was ready for reform
        • Verona-Bishop of Verona, Giberto expelled ignorant priests, forced non-resident priests to return and established orphanages- more active communal life


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