Atmosphere - controlling global climate change

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  • Controlling global climate change
    • Proxy data - It is where you make an estimate about one factor which cant be measured by using a related factor.
      • Coral species produce coral heads with annual growth rings which can be used to estimate past temperatures of the ocean.
    • Satellites can carry sensors which collect data about ice cover, wind velocity and temperature.
    • Monitoring sea currents - Argo floats monitor deep currents by sinking to a particular depth for 10 days before re-surfacing and transmitting data.
      • Argo floats collect data about the temperature, salinity, direction and speed of the current.
    • Computer models - can be tested to see if they are reliable by feeding data from a past year to see if it can calculate the outcome of a more recent year.
    • Carbon sequestration - Transport stored CO2 through pipelines into deep non-porous rocks that trap it and prevent it from migrating upward and into the atmosphere.
    • Geoengineering techniques - paint roofs white to increase albedo or put nutrients into the ocean to promote plankton growth.
    • Adapting to climate change
      • Build floating or raised houses such as in the river deltas of Banagledesh and India.
      • Coastal erosion control - wave screens and sea walls
      • Urban drainage control - afforestation or replace impermeable concrete with gravel to reduce run off and therefore decrease extremes in river flow and flooding.


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