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  • asthma
    • Descripton: Asthma is a long term condition that causes a cough, wheezing and breathlessness. it can be controlled in some people.
    • Causes: asthma is caused by inflammation of the airways, where the bronchi become inflammed and sensitive. this happens when you come into contact with a trigger, the muscles around the airways tighten and produce more sticky mucus.
      • a trigger is something that irritates the airways. for example: pollen, dust, tobacco smoke, animal fur or chest infections
    • Treatments: There is no cure for asthma, however there are things to control it. like : inhalers, spacers, or breathing exercises, acupuncture or dietry supplements
      • two types of inhalers: reliever and preventer.
    • Symptoms: breathlessness, a tight chest, wheezing,coughing-at night or in the morning, attacks triggers by exercise and a severe onset of symptoms is an asthma attack.
    • Lifestyle changes: dont smoke, drink less alcohol, eat healthily


Sam Morran


A nice simple resource that outlines the basic facts that you need to know about asthma.

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